What is The Gathering Place?

The Gathering Place is an interactive website for Anabaptist youth leaders to find connection, resourcing, networking, mentoring, and spiritual formation. In essence, the Gathering Place is…YOU!

Why was it created?

As Denominational Minister of Christian Formation, I have noticed two trends in our churches and conferences. One is a common sentiment from youth workers, “I feel alone in ministry. I want to be connected and talk with others about what works/best practices, but don’t know how to find them.” Even our conferences have limited time, energy, and financial resources.

The second trend is seen in the advances in the digital age which now allow access and opportunities for people from all around the world to virtually connect over the internet.

The Gathering Place intersects these trends to create an online platform where Anabaptist youth leaders gather for spiritual formation and resourcing! No one goes at it alone!

The Gathering Place is an interactive website created by youth workers for youth workers. It is a place for learning, formation, and connection. Unlike other webpages that simply have information to absorb, The Gathering Place is a site where we connect people with people to learn together, support one another, and to network.

The Gathering Place offers perspectives on youth ministry in a variety of ways that fits any schedule.  You can connect by reading our best practices blog, live-talk with others in a learning circle hangout on a current youth ministry topic, join a webinar, listen to a podcast, or virtually gather in a short-term cohort group of youth workers for peer support and mentoring. There is also space for a virtual retreat to deepen spiritual practices or connect with a spiritual director.

Of course there is no substitution for real-life gatherings and The Gathering Place:  LIVE  is just that!  These events are gatherings for faith formation people for resourcing, connection, and fun.

The Gathering Place brings faith formation into the 21st century!

We are so glad you are here.  Welcome.

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Rachel S. Gerber, editor of The Gathering Place and Denominational Minister of Christian Formation for the Mennonite Church USA

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