As youth leaders, our work is primarily in spiritual formation–to nurture and form faith in young people. We wouldn’t be doing this work if we didn’t believe in the life-changing power of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

And yet we can’t trick ourselves into thinking that we can do authentic spiritual formation with our youth if we, ourselves, are not firmly rooted into God’s love for us.

Investing in your own spiritual formation isĀ the only way to truly invest in your youth.

The Gathering Place is equipped to help you slow down and drink deep from the well of God’s love. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder and encouragement. Consider this your invitation.

Come and rest awhile.



Online Retreat

You don't need anything fancy. Just a willingness to slow down and be open to the God that is always near. This mini-retreat will guide you and help you take notice.


Come and Rest


Divine inspirition or connection can come in a variety of ways: through a scripture, a poem, music, or the visual arts. As we engage these we see that the world truly is charged with the grandeur of God.


Be Inspired

Spiritual Direction

Find a companion to join you on your spiritual journey. A spiritual director listens deeply and helps you take notice where God is and encourages you in your faith. Think of it has your spiritual BFF.

Spiritual Direction

Going Deeper