Part of the central mission of The Gathering Place is to equip youth leaders with resourcing that will aid their ministry.  Each month we will have opportunities to learn from and with our Church’s best practitioners as they lead, guide, and instruct.

Here you will find opportunity to sign up to participate live in our monthly (free!) webinar, as well as listen to a host of podcasts (see below) to watch on your own time or listen along the way.

Here’s how it works:

1. Want to participate live? Fill out the form below to save your spot! Registration fills up fast. Most webinars will have a 45 minute presentation with a time for Q&A at the end. During this time you may instant message your questions/comments to the group that will be read by the facilitator. Fill out the form below and save the information on the submission message on how to connect. To participate, all you need is an internet connection, a computer/tablet with a webcam, and an alarm clock to remember!

2.  If the webinar does not suit your schedule, no worries!  All of the webinars will be recorded for you to watch on your own time.

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“Youth Attachment to God and the Church: Should the Church Act Like Fly Paper?” with Sarah Bixler

Wednesday, May 17 at 1pm EDT.

Some congregations hope their youth ministers will transform them into fly paper: get their youth to stick to the church (preferably, their congregation) and not disappear into thin air after high school. But is the fly-paper model the best one for nurturing a lifelong commitment to Christ in the Anabaptist tradition? In this webinar, Sarah Ann Bixler, PhD student at Princeton Seminary will present that attachment theory provides another lens for considering how adolescents attach to congregations, which comes in all forms: avoidant, ambivalent, disorganized and secure attachment. And recent brain research provides more insights when it comes to adolescents’ attachment. This webinar explores how congregations can nurture ideal attachment for adolescents in their care that ultimately leads to their attachment to God in Christ.

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Webinar July 19, 2017

tGP Podcast

tGP podcast is a interview-based podcast where Rachel Gerber, denominational minster of youth and young adults for Mennonite Church USA talks with a well-known Church leader to get their take on The Gathering Place’s monthly theme.

Lesley and Caleb

lesley and caleb

Lesley and Caleb Francisco McClendon are starting 2016 off right by doing an exclusive vlog (video blog) broadcast for The Gathering Place called, “All About YOU(th)”!  Each month the McClendons will bring you a word of encouragement for your leadership, talk about youth ministry trends, lingo and fads, social media training, and much more!

This vlog will not be live–but will be posted each month!

Caleb and Lesley are pastors for E.P.I.C. youth ministry at C3 in Hampton, Virginia. They love all age ranges and seeks to live by the mantra: Love God Completely, Love Yourself Correctly, and Love Others Compassionately.

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The PeaceLab Podcast is a production of The Mennonite, Inc. and the Peace and Justice Support Network. New episodes will be released every Monday. 

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Gather Around September 15, 2016