Kick Off!

With the launch of The Gathering Place, I feel as though we need to be doing a bit of a celebratory happy dance! Finally, a place where youth workers from across the nation (heck, world!) can gather to talk, to share, to learn, and to simply be with one another as we listen for the whispers of what God is calling forth!

Welcome, welcome!

As we kick off The Gathering Place–a website created by youth leaders for youth leaders–what could be more legitimate than to discuss why youth ministry?  What keeps YOU going?

Did you know that the average tenure for youth ministry is about 3 years?  Youth ministry has a bad reputation for taking in bright eyed and bushy tailed youth ministers energized and ready to change the world and spit them out a few year later, ready to leave the ministry all-together.

This needs to stop.

Youth Ministry for “Some Day”

This week as we kick off our month theme of Sustainable Youth Ministry–What Keeps YOU going?, we have the honor and privilege of hearing from Merv Stoltzfus, youth minister from the beginning of time…seriously…take notes. There’s a lot to learn here. 


Recently I received an email from a friend who was writing yet another wonderful book about youth ministry. The question on her mind was “What keeps you in ministry with youth?” Further, “What gives you enough hope to stay with this youth ministry stuff?”

Intriguing questions to say the least, well worth the time needed to ponder. Why do I continue in this ministry and what gives me hope? Many have become discouraged of our culture, our society, our youth, and have lost hope. So what keeps some of us in the hunt and from where does this passion for passing on faith come? 

JOINT YOUTH GROUPS (January 28, 2015)

How do you do youth ministry in a small congregation?  One way to approach this is through joining with another congregation(s) and form a “joint youth group.” Randy Keeler, professor of Bible and Religion facilitates this conversation.