The Gathering Place was developed out of a generous grant from The Schowalter Foundation.  In order for TGP to retain its long term sustainability and continued development, we are seeking partners who believe in The Gathering Place’s formational work.  The Gathering Place has been home for 5,500 Anabaptist youth leaders and formation ministers since its launch in July 2015.  We providing networking, resourcing, and spiritual formation for the Church, averaging over 2,200 views per month. The current funding will last through this fiscal year (July 2017). Without continued partnerships, TGP will need to explore a subscription service to retain viability or commence an exit strategy.

In early 2016, The Gathering Place partnered intentionally with two Mennonite organizations and each of these months saw traffic double. Mennonite Mission Network (Peace and Justice Support) and the Anabaptist Disabilities Network had ample opportunity to share their organization’s vision and resources with a greater audience, through: webinars, podcasts, weekly blog posts.

Due to the success of these partnerships, The Gathering Place would like to extend an opportunity for local congregations, area conferences, organizations, and companies to support the strong work this site is providing to so many.

With Gratitude: Donation of any size

  • This is especially for local congregations and area conferences. Suggested donation of $100-200 for providing your leaders and/or conferences with free, solid Anabaptist resourcing and leadership development. Prayer support is also encouraged.

Tier 1: $50

  • Your organization’s logo (with live link embedded) on footer for one month

Tier 2:  $150

  • Sponsor a podcast interview
  • Receive a verbal endorsement of your organization on the podcast
  • Logo on footer

Tier 3:  $500

  • Sponsor a webinar (live viewers)
  • Receive a verbal endorsement of your organization on the podcast
  • Blog post endorsing your organization
  • Logo on homepage slider

Tier 4:  $800

  • Sponsor a month (your organization’s scope/theme will be highlighted in consultation with TGP editor)
  • Present a webinar
  • tGP podcast will interview you
  • Post one blog post each week on your organization’s theme

**Please email Rachel Gerber, Denominational Minister of Youth and Young Adults for Mennonite Church USA, to donate and/or explore a creative partnership!**


“I really appreciate the opportunity to share about Anabaptist Disabilities Network with people working with and ministering to youth in the church.  Talking with you on the podcast today was so easy to do and the format worked very well for us.  This has been a wonderful way to network together and let more people in the church learn about the information and services that ADN has to offer regarding becoming more inclusive of persons with disabilities.”

– Kathy Nofziger Yeakey, Ex. Director of Anabaptist Disabilities Network

kathy  adnet

“My experience with The Gathering Place was fantastic. Collaborating with TGP isn’t just exchanging information. It’s an on-going conversation that leads to new ideas and relationships. I recommend The Gathering Place to anyone working with youth and faith formation in the congregation.”

– Jason Boone, Peace and Justice Support Network of Mennonite Missions

jasonboone  mmn