Are you having difficulty finding the time to connect in a virtual learning or study circle, but still value discussing current youth ministry topics?

Do you have a pressing ministry question that you want to share with other respected colleagues?

Are you already in a youth ministry cohort group but are getting bogged down by email chains and are looking for a way to simplify?

Then, you’ve found the right place!

Join The Gathering Place Community!

The Community is a place, similar to groups that you would find on other social networking sites, that offer space to post questions, participate in forum discussions, and offer feedback to one another in The Gathering Place community.

However, unlike social media sites, the Community also offers opportunity for closed conversations for special interest groups to share and do group process.  These private forum spaces would be good for conference ministerial groups, Gathering Place peer groups, or members of a coaching team to keep in touch.

It’s easy to join–let the conversation continue!