What is The Gathering Place?

The Gathering Place is an interactive website for Anabaptist youth leaders to find connection, resourcing, networking, mentoring, and spiritual formation.
In essence, the Gathering Place is…YOU!

Learning Circles

Spiritual Formation



The Gathering Place has put me in touch with people I would never meet otherwise. I listen to their stories, some of which are so much like camp stories and some which are nothing like any experience I’ve had. They listen to mine. They renew me. They give me hope. Their great faith in God and in their youth inspires me.
Olivia Bartel
Mennonite Camping
The community I have found on The Gathering Place has revitalized my ministry. To hear from others on forum discussions-to learn with others in learning circles-and to share with others in cohort groups has deepened my call to ministry and to the God I love. This is how 21st century faith formation is done!
Curt Weaver
Portland Mennonite Church