What is The Gathering Place?

The Gathering Place is an interactive website chart Australian Dollar - US Dollar for Anabaptist youth leaders to find connection, resourcing, networking, mentoring, and spiritual formation.
In essence, the Gathering Place is…YOU!




The core of The Gathering Place is rooted in deepening the spiritual formation of Anabaptist youth leaders. To this end, we are offering Lenten resourcing called Lenten Pauses. LP is a brief pause in your week (10-15 minutes) that uses the upcoming Lenten theme and weekly scripture from Leader Magazine (Winter 2017) to engage with as a spiritual grounding for this season. This time includes space for scripture, silence, personal reflection, and EUR/CHF prayer each Wednesday of Lent at 1pm EST.


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Spiritual Formation



”The Gathering Place is an excellent resource for those who engage in faith formation with youth and young adults. I consistently find creative, meaningful, and helpful ways to journey together in relationship with God.”
Clayton Gladish
Hesston Mennonite Church, Hesston, Kansas
”As a new youth minister, I was overwhelmed with questions. The Gathering Place has provided an invaluable space for asking those questions and discussing them with like-minded people who are also in the Swiss Franc to Japanese Yen trenches of youth ministry!”
Lindsay Diener
Jubilee Mennonite, Meridian Mississippi